Program Brochure for East Side House

East Side House Settlement in the South Bronx offers exceptional community-building support for residents of one of the US’s most economically challenged congressional districts. Education is at the heart of what they do, and they provide education and promote college opportunities resulting in an astonishing success rate measured in high school graduates, many of whom go on to college.

Several brochure formats and designs were explored, first as concept sketches, then diagrammed using Adobe InDesign to place proxy images and text. By doing this, East Side House could better judge which format would serve the communication goals best.

East Side House wanted collateral that underscored their 360-degree approach to helping individuals and families, who often fall outside of economic and education opportunities. Although they offer a diverse set of social services, education is the umbrella for all that they do.

In fact, much of their education efforts — fourteen high schools in partnership with the New York City Board of Education and multiple college-readiness programs as of this writing — are geared to prepare people for jobs. They wanted the tone of the collateral to reflect the components of their mission, and we did so using success statistics and phone pictures to create a narrative.

Financial stability is key to reducing vulnerability, and using innovative job training programs, the help community members be self-supporting, thus more independent.

East Side House Settlement believes that by supporting families with these resources, they make the community stronger too. This was a key communication guideline: to be proudly representing the Bronx and its diverse people.