Use Creativity to Battle Covid-19

Face masks from handkerchiefs with fastener concepts from Journal 19.

We’re all indoors contemplating how much food we have, how we will continue working, what do with our kids, how to stay physically active, how we will entertain ourselves, but most importantly, how we’ll stay healthy and safe and not endanger others.

There are an increasing number grass-roots solutions available in social media meant to safeguard our health while trying to conduct necessary out-of-home tasks. While insights from the medical experts lean toward having the public wear protective masks, gloves, and even garments, there are dangerous shortages of these items even for healthcare workers.

I myself am in need of hand sanitizer and protective masks to use when I shop for food, but like others, I cannot obtain them. So I have taken matters into my own hands, and I’ve created masks and alcohol wipes to substitute for what I cannot buy. My solutions follow, but before scrolling down to see them, I would like to encourage companies with existing and useful technologies to slightly retool or formulate products and adapt them for medical protection. These concepts from my journal underscore my point:

In absence of rubber gloves, is it possible that a latex or rubber liquid formula would allow us to simply dip our hands in it, and dry instantly? Could we spray on a thin film that would wash off?

Medical gloves and their industrial counterparts are hard to come by. Are there any dipping solutions that dry quickly that can be peeled off after use? Following this, could there be a spray version that could be rubbed or safely washed away? Even better, could products like these be formulated from plant-based substances to soften or eliminate their ecological footprint after use and disposal?

Could protective gowns be manufactured from compostable plastic?

I purchase compostable plastic bags to use for trash disposal. Unlike their polyethylene-polyethylane counterparts, they are made from plants and decompose safely over a short period of time. If these compostable plastics can withstand a virus, they would be perfect for one-time use, and increase safety for medical workers who need protection desperately.

Homemade Face Mask

Note: This is not an N95 respirator. It’s purpose is to inhibit large particles that may carry disease and more importantly, keep you from expelling moisture-borne particles that may infect others. For more information about face masks, please visit Healthline.

Make Your Own Alcohol Wipes

I have found it easier to attain alcohol than it is to find hand sanitizer. The advantage to these wipes is that while you’re out, you can not only clean your hands, but also your bag, bike, groceries, a handle, or any other object your faced with touching when rubber gloves are not available.

Everyone — stay safe and healthy. Support our medical community and our own personal communities. Use creativity and ingenuity to solve problems, and broadcast your ideas so we all can benefit. Good luck!