Happy Pride 2022!

Celebrating Pride with an animation created in Adobe After Effects using Illustrator and Photoshop components.

Now, more than ever, the LGBTQ+ community must stand together in solidarity to keep hard-won rights and fight for all Americans whose personal liberties are in peril.

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AFT Brewery Rebranding and Package Design

AFT beer can graphics following an Arizona wildlife theme.

AFT Brewery (whose acronym sardonically stands for About Fucking Time) is gaining huge respect among Southwestern beer affectionatos, and with their growing popularity comes the urgent task of branding and packaging. Their original efforts to self brand drew upon Irish and Celtic symbols and Irish folklore beings. Those themes were explored, but presented back in more contemporary style.

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Black Raven Chocolate: Branding Referencing the Constellations

Chocolate has become a thing — quite a thing, in fact, as have its gourmet, artisanal, fair trade, and organic variations. Chocolatiers have created astonishing new takes on the beloved candy bar idea, straying away from peanuts as a secondary ingredient to include unexpected flavors such as ginger, hot chili, orange, and raspberry to name a few.

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Rebranding WMD Asset Management

Updating financial institution branding is a tender affair. On one hand, it should reflect the progression of the 21st century financial class of trade — electronic, agile, informed. Yet on the other hand, it should convey security and durability. The company’s initials have always raised eyebrows being the acronym of end-game warfare. However, in this application they are merely the initials of their chief investment officer and founder, well respected in the investment industry. Here is how the new brand identity evolved:

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Haven Charter High School: Branding a Healthcare Charter School

East Side House Settlement in the South Bronx is know for its accomplishments in education, from preschool all the way through college prep. Particularly successful are its high schools with record-breaking numbers of graduates that continue on to college. One of their newest endeavors is Haven Charter High School (HCHS) with the mission to fast track students interested in healthcare into the job market and/or further education in healthcare fields. Here is the the branding story behind it.

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Emoticon Gothic

In response to contemporary emojis — all highly rendered and colored — here is a graphical and monochromatic counterpart that retains all of the happiness, seductiveness, and anger. Emoticon Gothic is stripped of cuteness that softens users’ mood. Use with caution.