Black Raven Chocolate: Branding Referencing the Constellations

Chocolate has become a thing — quite a thing, in fact, as have its gourmet, artisanal, fair trade, and organic variations. Chocolatiers have created astonishing new takes on the beloved candy bar idea, straying away from peanuts as a secondary ingredient to include unexpected flavors such as ginger, hot chili, orange, and raspberry to name a few.

Black Raven was chosen for the brand name following an in-depth investigation. Ravens and crows are remarkable animals. They have memories and a sense of humor. They like to collect things they find, and thus each package portrays the raven holding its chosen taste variety object. Yet the Black Raven is really a mere symbol found in a constellation connected to other stars in the galaxy.

Branding and package design for an exceptional and premium chocolate brand walks a line. On one hand, the symbols and language must convey premium, while on the other hand, they must communicate accessibility. While more expensive than a commercial candy bar it is essentially a reward, an idea that reverberates our feelings toward chocolate when we were children.

If we had to behave well as kids to receive chocolate, accordingly, as adults, our daily feats of responsibility certainly deserve reward too.