Journal 18

Journal 18, like the other concept journals, includes brand identity, graphic design, packaging, product design, and fine art concepts. There is an increased number of sensuous body forms exploring ancient supernatural narratives. I have depicted angels, demons, jinn, and other siren-like beings with seriousness and campiness, because both aspects are represented internationally in literature and entertainment media. I believe that supernatural entities are not disconnected from the branding concepts on adjoining pages. Both branding symbol and fantasy entity are proxies representing something bigger than their respective graphical footprints. Behind the branding of corporations lies a cauldron of business activity that on one hand, provides livelihoods for employees and contributes to economic growth. Yet on the other hand, operate deceptively by manipulating governments, harming the environment, and abusing the human resources that make the corporations successful. These are god-like capabilities, are they not?