Strategy + Presentations

Beverage distributor, Diagio, was interested in creating a new category of low-alcohol beverages that reflected trends among younger drinkers to reduce alcohol consumption. Here is the naming presentation and the supporting rational delivered to its agency.

Peace Pentagon Competition was a theoretical exploration to redesign 339 Lafayette Street, a hub of public peace and civic activity, as a gigantic symbol of war machinery in a state of dilapidation. Here the facade and building structure is fused with the carcass of a war ship salvaged from a Southeast Asian location where ships lie skewed in the water, waiting to be scrapped. Created in partnership with Christian Bjone.

Undoing the Central Park Memorial to Doctor J. Marion Sims was a competition to replace the statue and plaque on the east side of Central Park in response to acknowledging that the doctor inflicted harm on African-American women by forcing experimental treatment on them. Created in partnership with Christian Bjone.

The Dollhouse Townhouse uses the idea of a child’s toy as constructivist backdrop for Dada-like artistic tableau. It is neither a dollhouse nor is it a full-scale livable structure. Imagine instead what might have happened with institutions like the Morgan Library or the Isabella Gardner Museum had they been converted to museums by Salvador Dali. Created in partnership with Christian Bjone.